Re: Models of Great Architecture

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 04:15:29 EEST

From: Michael Rees <>
>It would indeed be amazing if the resolution weren't so poor.

    It's a start, Michael. Let's not ask for the moon while we're still in
the caveman era of the fabber revolution. All good things in time.

    Tell me this: If I could convert the data to StL (remember the StL
format itself is pretty primitive technology, but it's all we have for now
that's universally compatibile), is the resolution good enough that I could
make a 10-inch-tall model of these buildings that would look pretty good? If
so, then I'm as excited as before about what is offered at the
GreatBuildings site. If not, then maybe I'll take back what I said.

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Marshall Burns
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