[ANNOUNCE] Official release of RapidForm 1.4 - Total Solution for 3D Scanning

From: Donghoon Lee (ldh@inustech.com)
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 14:15:57 EEST

At long last, INUS Technology, Inc. is announcing the official release of RapidForm1.4!!!
RapidForm is a 3D reverse modeling tool.
Using RapidForm, model reconstruction from point clouds becomes easier and faster.
Although RapidForm is strongly focused on mid range 3D scanner users,
RapidForm's powerful polygon editing functions will make 3D graphics designers free from frustrating and time consuming modeling burdens as well.
Togher with the official release, RapidForm's home page has been upgraded for better customer service. You can also purchase various RapidForm products on-line.
Also, RapidForm2000, the next version of RapidForm 1.4, is coming soon with its NURBS surface generation and polygon modification capabilities.
Please take time to visit the homepage http://www.rapidform.com and find out what RapidForm can do you for you.
Thank you.
best wishes,
Stephen Cha
Manager of marketing and sales
voice: +82.2.566.8694(Ext.403)
fax : +82.2.566.8696
cell. phone: +82.17.754.8694
email: stephencha@inustech.com

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