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We have used UG for almost 2 years now for desing work in a R&D Center, before selecting it we did evaluate UG vs ProE, Ideas and CADS5. We found UG to be far better than the others just for the friendly and intuitive way of work.
By the way what I meant for design work is related to Turbomachinery manly (cases, blades, rotors, etc. of Hydro,Gas,Steam and Nuclear turbines) thats our main application of UG.

We do Finite Element Analisis as well and we do create in UG the models to export to ANSYS. The module to export file is not very good however to model in UG is not just better but faster than any other we have tried. Unfortunately the UG price is almost 3 times Pro E price for the same kind of modules (Modeling, drafting and fotorealism) So if you analyse it on the basis of value/money the may have a similar ratio.

We did evaluate Alias as well but found to be more for graphic design, or marketing (for the beautiful fotorealism) than for doing modeling and drafting, apart to be more expensive than UG.

Finally I may say that UG as well as Allias are a High End CAD when Pro E despite to be very good is just in between the Midle range CAD and the High End CAD.

hope it is of any use.

NOTE this is just my OWN appreciation, hope I did not hurt any feelings to the Pro E users.
In fact I am trying to buy it for my own bussiness because of the high ratio Value/money)

However FLAMES are always welcome !!!!
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