New Video Card

From: Steven Pollack (
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 16:45:07 EEST

I took all your RP advice and purchased a new video card to speed up my
CAD. I bought the Oxygen VX1 32mb card from 3DLabs for around $300. After
installing it, I did not notice any increase in my processing time for
large boolean operations.

I did call technical support at 3DLabs and they were very nice, patient,
and answered the phone each of 3 times I called. They said that my
Windows95 may not really support OpenGL or CAD memory mangement as
efficiently as WindowsNT. Sigh...

So now I will upgrade my operating system. Actually, with todays prices
for computers being what they are, I may just buy a new one and have them
pre-install NT. Who would have thought a year ago that a 233 PII, 128mb
computer would become archaic in that short a time frame?

So now I must give serious thought to going MAC G3 since the systems appear
to come pre-configured for CAD type applications. PC's make it so
difficult to get what a CAD user really wants. You think you are upgrading
your RAM only to find out that your operating system sees things
differently from you.

Steven Pollack
The Missing Link Jewelers

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