Spatial Inc. and Applied Metrology Inc. Announce ACIS-enabled Inq uest

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Spatial Inc. and Applied Metrology Inc. Announce
ACIS-enabled Inquest
ACIS powers new computer-aided inspection software

BOULDER, CO: June 24, 1999 - Spatial Inc. (AMEX: STY), the world's leading
developer of open, component 3D modeling technology and product data access,
exchange, and sharing solutions, and Applied Metrology Inc., a company
specializing in engineering tools for high precision measurement systems,
today announced the release of ACISŪ-enabled Inquest, Applied Metrology's
flagship product. Inquest is designed as a computer-aided inspection
analysis package to be used in conjunction with a wide variety of
three-dimensional measurement systems. The ACIS 3D modeling engine enhances
Inquest with world-leading functionality and interoperability enabling it to
deliver new levels of speed and accuracy to rapid inspection applications.
"Inquest allows engineers and operators to quickly and efficiently analyze
3D measurement data, by extracting the correct, meaningful information
received from 3D measurement equipment such as laser scanners, trigger probe
Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs), contact scanning CMMs, and
non-contact scanning CMMs," commented Tom Kurfess, president, Applied
Metrology. "Having ACIS as the modeling engine provides extremely efficient
algorithms that make Inquest one of the fastest analysis packages on the
market today."
"We are looking forward to ACIS having a strong presence in the 3D
measurement software market through Inquest," remarked Michael Hansen,
director of marketing, Spatial Inc. "ACIS functionality combined with
Inquest's line-up of features, result in the most accurate, powerful rapid
inspection tool available."
Inquest features include:
* Rendering and interrogation of 3D solid models.
* Display and manipulation of 3D coordinate data.
* Fast, efficient algorithms to register measured point clouds to CAD
* Fitting of geometric primitives (spheres, cylinders, etc.).
* Graphical feedback of part errors through color maps of point to
surface deviations.
* VRML output to facilitate automatic web report generation.
Another significant feature of ACIS-enabled Inquest is its interoperability
with a variety of applications via its COM Automation interface, which
allows other software packages, such as Visual Basic and Excel to directly
call and control Inquest for automated inspection. Inquest's intuitive
user-interface allows quick manipulation of data including model to point
alignment, data trimming, and visualization results. Additionally, as users
of an ACIS-enabled application, Inquest customers will have full model data
interoperability with over 185 ACIS-enabled applications.
About Spatial Inc.
Spatial Inc. is the world leader in the development of open, component 3D
modeling technology and product data access, exchange and sharing solutions.
The ACISŪ 3D Toolkit, Spatial's flagship product, is universally recognized
as the de facto standard 3D modeling kernel for the MCAD, CAM, CAE, and AEC
industries. With nearly 500 ACIS licensees and more than 1.4 million end
users of over 185 ACIS-enabled applications, ACIS is indisputably the most
widely used 3D modeling kernel in the world.
The open architecture of ACIS and the industry standard ACIS SAT(tm) file
format are known as the "ACIS Geometry Bus." The ACIS Geometry Bus is the
key to 3D model interoperability among ACIS-enabled applications, including
ABAQUS/CAE by Hibbitt, Karlsson & Sorensen, Inc., AutoCAD and Mechanical
Desktop by Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK), CADKEY by Baystate Technologies,
Inc., GAMBIT by Fluent Inc., Grade/CUBE II by Hitachi Zosen Information
Systems, GSCAD by Intergraph Corporation (Nasdaq: INGR), IronCAD by
Visionary Design Systems, Inc., Maxwell 3D Field Simulation by Ansoft
Corporation (Nasdaq: ANST), TurboCAD Solid Modeler and Professional, IMSI
(Nasdaq: IMSI), Vellum Solids by Ashlar Inc., and Working Model 3D by
MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (NYSE: MNS).
Spatial's Interoperability Solutions Subsidiary, InterData Access (IDA), is
a leading provider of product data viewing, data translation, and digital
mock-up software and consulting services to Fortune 500 industrial companies
worldwide. Interoperability products include IntraVISION(tm),
VisionShare(tm), Data Exchange Manager, and IGES/STEP development tools.
IDA's customers include Boeing, Bombardier, Caterpillar, Diebold, General
Electric, Harley-Davidson, Hitachi, Lear Jet, Motorola, Northrop Grumman,
and Silicon Graphics.
Spatial Inc. is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and has offices in
Europe and Asia. Shares of Spatial stock are publicly traded on the
Nasdaq-AMEX exchange under the symbol "STY" (AMEX: STY). For more
information, visit Spatial's Web site at, or call
(303) 544-2900.
Statements made in this news release that are not historical facts may be
forward-looking statements. Actual results may differ materially from those
projected in any forward-looking statement. There are a number of important
factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those
anticipated by any forward-looking information. A description of risks and
uncertainties attendant to Spatial Technology Inc. and its industry, and
other factors which could affect the Company's financial results, are
included in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings,
including but not limited to the Company's annual report on Form 10-KSB for
the year ended December 31, 1998.
Spatial Technology Inc., ACIS 3D Toolkit and SAT are trademarks. ACIS is a
registered trademark of Spatial Inc. All other products are trademarks of
their respective owners.

Spatial Inc. Contact: Spatial Public Relations Contact:
Michael Hansen, director of marketing Laura Carrabine
(303) 544-2939 (412) 441-1039,

Applied Metrology Inc. Spatial Investor Relations Contact:
Tom Kurfess, president Geoff High, Pfeiffer Public Relations
Marietta, Georgia (303) 393-7044,
(770) 953-4899

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