Re: Size of Prototype Tooling Market

Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 23:07:38 EEST

"Terry T. Wohlers" wrote:

> Anyone care to take an educated guess as to the size of the prototype
> tooling market? Put another way, what percentage of all tooling does
> prototype tooling represent?
> Terry
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I would put prototype tooling into two classifications.
    1. Short run tooling made directly from RP equipment or using RP
techniques. In our business these are not used very often, less than
5%,and not likely to climb.
    2. Production tooling made using RP techniques to reduce lead time
for high volume tools. This perhaps has the greatest potential for
impact to the bottom line. While it is currently a small percentage the
industry is still on the low end of the learning curve.

Ray Thompson
Manufacturing Engineer
Delphi Energy and Engine Management Systems

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