From: Paul Burr (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 05:09:48 EEST

At 7:04 PM -0500 6/24/99, Steven wrote:

>Now, reading through all these posts, and from several private e-mails,
>FormZ is not
>apparently viewed within this RP community as being robust. What I am
>wondering is
>this: should I be looking into some of these higher end software packages
>now that I
>am familiar with CAD or is my art oriented jewelry modeling not suited to
>engineering grade programs.

Steve: You should give JewelCad a try. It would be a short learning curve
if you can navigate FormZ.
The slice file output interfaces quite niclely with the Sanders Model Maker.
Jcad had easy to use interface and an exellent rendering capability. I do
wish that it had more advanced features- object snap modes, the abilty to
extract a curve from a surface, etc.
But all in all, it works well.

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