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From: Justin Kidder (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 05:24:29 EEST

Hopefully the *display* time is considerably decreased, though. But I
wouldn't expect any decrease in processing time for boolean ops--that type
of processing is contolled by the speed of your CPU, amount of RAM,
etc...but not by your video card--that controls your rendering speed.
3DLabs' advice might be right in this case...


Justin Kidder
Automation and Robotics Laboratory
University of Pittsburgh

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> I took all your RP advice and purchased a new video card to speed up my > CAD. I bought the Oxygen VX1 32mb card from 3DLabs for around $300. After > installing it, I did not notice any increase in my processing time for > large boolean operations. > > I did call technical support at 3DLabs and they were very nice, patient, > and answered the phone each of 3 times I called. They said that my > Windows95 may not really support OpenGL or CAD memory mangement as > efficiently as WindowsNT. Sigh... > > So now I will upgrade my operating system. Actually, with todays prices > for computers being what they are, I may just buy a new one and have them > pre-install NT. Who would have thought a year ago that a 233 PII, 128mb > computer would become archaic in that short a time frame? > > So now I must give serious thought to going MAC G3 since the systems appear > to come pre-configured for CAD type applications. PC's make it so > difficult to get what a CAD user really wants. You think you are upgrading > your RAM only to find out that your operating system sees things > differently from you. > > Steven Pollack > The Missing Link Jewelers > > > > For more information about the rp-ml, see >

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