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Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 22:43:37 EEST

Bill and others,

Zyrkon is the trademark name for ZrB2/Cu that Materials & Manufacturing
Technologies, Inc. (which I helped co-found) has international patent
rights to (see U.S. patent # 5,870,663). It is a great EDM electrode
material system and its thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance make
it a potentially great Injection Mold tooling material. MSDS's for the
material combination (because it is a brand new system that is still in the
pre-commercialization stages) is not available. Anyone interested in this
material and the research underway on it can feel free to contact me
directly. For MSDS's on ZrB2, please contact Advanced Refractory
Technologies in Buffalo, NY at 761-875-4091. For a copper MSDS,
contact any copper supplier.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Brent Stucker
Assistant Professor
University of Rhode Island
Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Gilbreth Hall, 2 East Alumni Ave.
Kingston, RI 02881
ph: (401)874-5187
fax: (401)874-5540

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Subject: Zyrkon

Does anyone have any Material Safety Data concerning Zyrkon (ZrB2-Cu)?

The team in my tool room asked about this, and I would like to get any
information I can.


Bill Richards

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