Rhino News - June 1999

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Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 01:02:31 EEST


 - Rhino 1.1 Beta 22-Jun-1999 is now available
 - How to buy Rhino
 - Rhino wins DV Magazine's Award of Excellence
 - 3-D Modeling Workshops for Educators
 - New training site in Los Angeles
 - Visit us at SIGGRAPH 99 in LA
 - VisualMill directly supports Rhino NURBS
 - Need more speed?
 - Thank you for your enthusiastic support

Rhino 1.1 Beta 22-Jun-1999 is now available
from http://rhino3d.com/beta/

This build has new technology, much of which is not
exposed yet. We will release the new features based
on the new technology every few weeks over the next
three months.

Highlights in this build:
 - Surface from Curve Network:
   Use the NetworkSrf command to create a surface from a network,
   or grid of curves. Creation of periodic surfaces, kinked surfaces,
   edge tangency and curvature continuity, and increased controls
   for surface creation will come soon.

   For many of you, this feature will forever change the way you model.

 - Dimensioning:
   Linear dimensions (other dimension types will follow soon).
   Rhino's dimensioning and annotation tools are designed to
   produce shop drawings and illustrations rather than production
   or contract drawings.

 - Extract Points from curves, surfaces, and polygon mesh objects.

 - Bitmap preview when opening bitmap files.

For a complete list, visit http://www.rhino3d.com/beta/beta-notes.htm

How to buy Rhino

Contact your local dealer at http://www.rhino3d.com/sales
Many are experts on the other products you use with Rhino.

Students, take advantage of the special student price of $195.

Educators, take advantage of the lab license price of $975.

Rhino wins DV Magazine's
coveted Award of Excellence.

Digital Video Magazine June 1999
"Primo! A powerful tool for your creative arsenal. Buy it. Use it."
For details visit: http://www.dv.com/magazine/1999/0699/

This is evidence of your excellent testing,
support, and feedback during the 1.0
development process. Thanks you.

3-D Modeling Workshops for Design,
Drafting, and Graphics Educators

These free hands-on workshops focus on methods, materials,
and skills you’ll need to integrate 3-D modeling into your
design, drafting, and graphics curriculum.

Learn how to bring the power of Rhino’s 3-D NURBS modeling
technology to your students. Free yourself to focus on
your curriculum instead of learning and teaching yet
another software product.

For details and to register, visit http://www.rhino3d.com/tt.htm

If you would like to host a workshop at your school,
contact Jerry Hambly at (206) 634-4570,
or e-mail jerry@mcneel.com

New training site in Los Angeles

California State University, Long Beach
Advanced Media Production Center
To register, call (562) 985-5561 or (800) 963-2250
or, visit http://www.amp.csulb.edu/schedule/summer1999.htm

Visit us at SIGGRAPH 99, booth 2457

When: Conference 8-13 August 1999
        Exhibition 10-12 August 1999

Where: Booth 2457
        Los Angeles Convention Center
        Los Angeles, California USA

For details, visit http://www.siggraph.org/s99

What do we have planned for SIGGRAPH?

 - First, a quiet corner were you can visit
   with the Rhino development and support team,
   but more importantly other Rhino users.
 - Show off Rhino 1.1
 - Show some of the related products including
   3-D digitizing, CAM, and 3-D printing.
 - Announce some new Rhino books.
 - A spot for you to show off your latest work, so
   bring a CD.
 - Mostly we want to better understand how you
   have been using Rhino so we can finalize our
   plans for the next release.

VisualMill directly supports Rhino NURBS

MecSoft is now shipping VisualMill 2.0 with direct
support for Rhino's 3DM files. Both NURBS and polygon
mesh data from Rhino .3dm files can be read directly
into VisualMill v2.0, thus ensuring maintenance of
complete design data integrity while eliminating the
need for model repairs due to translation errors.

For additional details, visit: http://www.mecsoft.com

Need more speed?

Here are some simple rules that will help speed up Rhino.

 - Add more RAM if you're swapping (your disk runs alot).
   Do this first. Nothing else will help much until you do.

 - Buy the fastest processor/system you can afford.
   The processor speed is not always the best measure.
   We started using HP Kayaks for development when we found
   that they were 2 to 5 times faster than the clones
   with the same specs.

 - Only after you have the fastest computer available
   and enough memory, consider a faster graphics card.
   Be careful. We often find that unless you spend more
   money on the graphics card than you did on the rest
   of the computer you may be disappointed. The reason
   is Rhino mostly uses the main processor.

 - Don't buy a second processor for Rhino. It won't help
   unless you run two or more copies of Rhino at once.

 - If you need something as fast or faster than your UNIX
   workstation, consider a HP's new VISUALIZE X-class
   workstations. We are not easily impressed by hardware.
   With An X-class workstation configured with the fx+6
   and texture acceleration, we were amazed.

   Visit http://www.hp.com/visualize

Thank you for your enthusiastic support

With your enthusiasm continually spreading the word
on Rhino, we can still spend most of our revenue
on research, development, training, and support
instead of on sales and advertising.

Thanks again for your support.

Bob McNeel Ph: (206) 634-4577
Robert McNeel & Associates Ph: (206) 545-7000
3670 Woodland Park Ave North Fx: (206) 545-7321
Seattle, WA 98103 USA bob@mcneel.com
http://www.mcneel.com http://www.rhino3d.com

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