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I think Mr Prototype (or can I call you Advantage? Ad for short) is right.
Tom could have answered this one privately.



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>Is the new RPML gratuitous ad limit one per week now? I missed the
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>>mahmoud abdelgany:
>>Thank you for your query.
>>We are a foundry offering our customers prototype precision castings in
>>nonferrous alloys (1-week) and ferrous alloys (4-weeks).
>>We use service bureaus to build patterns in materials which are compatable
>>with our processes, and which offer economy and adequate resolution, finish
>>and accurracy for each particular part. We build Sanders in-house.
>>We would be pleased to quote prototype and production quantities of
>>precision cast parts from your 3D CAD designs or patterns.
>>At 03:03 AM 6/26/99 EDT, you wrote:
>>>my name is mahmoud abdelgany
>>>i currently run a model shop in new jersey
>>>& i also started a consulting firm based on
>>>my design experience & my newly aquired seat
>>>of PRO/E
>>>i am hoping we can work together in the near future
>>>in one capacity i need some sla parts built
>>>in another maybe i can model some parts for you
>>>on pro/e
>>>in any event i woul appreciate some pricing on your sla services
>>> thank you
>>> mahmoud abdelgany
>>> solid prototypes
>>> 20 north 13th st.
>>> haledon nj 07508
>>> 973 720 9584
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>For more information about the rp-ml, see
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