Re: SLA resin comparison

Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 19:19:54 EEST

     I would suggest that you consider Somos 8120. It looks like Nylon,
     it's Strong & has good memory. That is it snaps back so latches work
     great. Seeing as we're in the same business, I would recommend it
     highly. Also parts stay straight, sharp corners and clean up great.

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Subject: SLA resin comparison
Author: "Mark Wynn" <> at INTERNET
Date: 6/25/99 5:18 PM

I would like to here from anyone who has experience using SL-5510 or SL-5190 and
has switched to Somos 7120, or vice versa. I'm asking this because I am curious
to how the resins compare from a user's stand point. What I am really concerned
with is brittlness, build time, curling or warpage issues, accuracy, and tacky
side walls or gummy down facing surfaces after post processing.
I know that several resin discussions have been covered in the past on the RPML
... but after searching my archieves I have not found any that directly compare
these two/three resins. If I have over looked a previous posting/or postings I
I would greatly appreciate any comments that you might have on this subject. If
you do not want to respond to the list, please feel free to contact me directly.
Thank you.
Mark Wynn
Yazaki North America
Canton, Michigan
Phone: 734-983-1702
Fax: 734-983-1703
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