Re: Rapid Prototyping of Glass Products

From: Mnr. D de Beer (ddebeer@ENG.TOFS.AC.ZA)
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 13:10:05 EEST

Hi Ian

We have been involved with two projects:

1) A salad dressing bottle for a well-known company. The bottle
was grown in SL5170, and then used to make an RTV mould, in
which we cast clear epoxy plastic. Unfortunately, we had to make
it in 2 halves, to glue it afterwards.

More technical detail can be obtained from MC Moolman, who
managed our centre at that time, and is now manager of the
prototyping facility at Freeplay engineering.
He can be reached at:

2) We did a R.E. project of an ISUZU back-light for Hella. I can
send you some images if needed.



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Subject: Rapid Prototyping of Glass Products
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> Dear Colleagues
> Does anyone know of any applications where RP models have been used
> to mimic (or produce) glass prototypes e.g. car headlamps?
> References to papers, reports, names would be much appreciated.
> Thanks
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