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From: Robert Welther (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 17:33:14 EEST

Hi Phil,

I can also give props to Solid View as an excellent program to view STL and
IGES files. When sending large files we recommend using a compression
program like Winzip For some reason IGES files don't
fly over the Internet as well as binary STL's, so for that reason we prefer
to receive the native CAD file (ProE, Unigraphics, or IDEAS, we really like)
and/or the STL. Depending on the nature of the files, (e.g. yankee
automotive companies) some prefer that we retrieve the files from their ftp
site and they provide us with a password to access their file directory.

In most cases the transmission errors that occur are a result of limitations
of the Internet Service Provider to handle large files and data line noise.
You can have your telecom line checked for noise to determine the potential
for errors. to a lesser extent, CAD software glitches are at fault. We have
a dedicated T1 line so sending and receiving is very fast and clean.

Best Regards,

Robert Welther
Soligen, Inc.
Phil Harnett wrote:

> Hi list,
> We are looking at improving the way we transfer 3D model files between
> customers/suppliers and ourselves and I thought the list may be able to
> provide the latest and greatest given the broad experience base. I would
> appreciate your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of methods
> your customers/suppliers may use with you and any tips towards a reliable
> and successful transfer means.
> Regards
> Phil Harnett
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