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DTM Corporation offers a number of materials for use in the Sinterstation
System using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process. This process uses
heat from a laser to selectively fuse powders together thus forming objects
layer by layer. Over the past seven years, DTM has introduced 15 materials
used for a number of applications including functional prototypes,
investment casting patterns, sand cores and molds, and injection molding

Listed below are the most recently introduced materials. There is
additional information available on the DTM web site


? PA
Material: Engineering Plastic
The Solution: Tough, durable plastic prototypes and parts
The Benefits:
 Good heat and chemical resistance
 Excellent surface finish
 Fine feature detail
 Long-term stability
 USP level VI certification

DuraForm? GF
Material: Glass-filled engineering plastic
The Solution: Strong, rigid plastic prototypes and parts
The Benefits:
 Increased modulus and heat resistance

® 201
Material: Thermoplastic elastomer
The Solution: Flexible, ?rubber-like? prototypes and parts
The Benefits:
 High elongation
 Excellent abrasion resistance
 Long term stability
 Impermeable to water

Copper Polyamide
Material: Copper-filled engineering plastic
The Solution: Quick turnaround, prototype mold inserts
The Benefits:
 Fast build time
 Easy to finish
 Good thermal conductivity
 Mold parts with normal cycle times

RapidSteel® 2.0
Material: Stainless steel/bronze
The Solution: Durable metal mold inserts
The Benefits:
 P20 steel hardness and durability
 Excellent wear resistance
 Material can be finished by machining or EDM and can be plated, textured
   or welded
 Conformal cooling channels can be constructed

CastForm? PS
Material: Polystyrene
The Solution: ?Foundry friendly? investment casting patterns
The Benefits:
 Compatibility with standard wax removal processes
 Low ash content
 Wide foundry acceptance
 All metals can be cast: Ti, Al, Mg, Zn

SandForm? Zr & SandForm? Si
Material: Zircon and Silica Sands
The Solution: Foundry sand cores and molds
The Benefits:
 Material is traditional phenol-based shell sand formulation
 Complex, single-piece cores and molds with integral cores can be built

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I want to know the capability of LM (Layered Manufacturing)
Machines to handle different materials. In all how many
materials are there,? How many materials one particular M/c
can handle?

Thanks in anticipation.


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