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<< I'm going to make a general point here which is directed at an increasingly
 high number of people / companies who blatantly use the rp-ml as a bill
 board. Where I come from these messages (I've seen two this week at least)
 might be called propaganda. They are certainly NOT news releases as news is
 gathered by independent (we hope) journalists. They ARE press releases, and
 as such are designed to convey a new development, process or service offered
 by a company. They are therefore very close, if not indistinguishable from
 being adverts. Now I have no problem being informed of the latest and
 greatest technology / information systems in the world of RP, after all this
 is why I subscribe to the rp-ml. What I do mind is the tone of this type of
 message which both contain quotes from the people who send them (!!!!!!) and
 pricing information. If the product or service is really worthy of further
 investigation then all we have to do is hit the Reply button or pick up the
 phone. It's that simple. There can be no justification for blatantly
 including costings in e-mails purporting to be informative. Of far more use
 would be quotes from customers (well known if possible) who have used the
 service and can offer an end user perspective. There I've said my piece.
 Before I go I would make one further point. That is that this may just be a
 cultural issue and that while this might be the norm in certain regions of
 the world others view it as totally unconstructive (want to guess what my
 interpretation is ? ). >>

You make a very good point. I suggest that if anyone wants to blatently
advertise they should at least be able to hide it into a seemingly
constructive article. I have been experimenting with subliminal advertising.
(BUY KELTOOL) which gives the readers constructive content (BUY KELTOOL)
while unwittingly attracting them to (BUY KELTOOL) come to me like moths to
a light. I'm quite sure I will recieve many emails about this subject.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering
( Substitute for friday humor which someone forgot to post this week "GLENN" )

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