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<< Hi.....I am interested in building a 1:1 scale car body.
 Its the " missing link " as it was a prototype series of 30 that was
 destroyed in the late 1930s.
 I probably can get the cad file but need more info on how to proceeed.
 I was thinking of making a plywood model, sections every foot or so , then
 fill with foam and finish contouring. then fiberglass over the finished plug.
 Would love to do the final body in metal , but here in California that would
 be very expensive.
 Any suggestions or schools that would like to take on a project like this ?
 thanks for your help........Chris >>

If you have the cad files for this car. I would suggest you send it to
Professor Thomas at I think University of Salt lake city ( I hope I have his
name right). He is a very nice fellow. He has a huge sla type machine (like
the world has never seen before) that builds in foam or some other soft bulk
material in layers similar to an SLA. Your car would be a small job on his
machines. I dont think it will be very expensive either. Once you are done
with the design you could use the model as a fiberglass form master to mass
produce a fiberglass body for your car.
Good luck
Bob Morton
Fusion engineering

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