Equipment Paradox Followup

Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 18:35:40 EEST

Last week we posted the following question:

Users tell us that they are looking for extra RP capacity. Vendor sales
reps tell us that their business is on the slow side.

How come?

We also posted our initial answer at
and said we would provide a summary of the responses.

We got a lot of response. More than 250 visits to our answer so far.
A bunch of emails, a few phone calls.

So that you don't have to check the web page, here's a recap of our answer:

We thought the demand was real but that new equipment was too expensive.
The upshot: slow sales despite pent-up demand. No paradox, really, just
an unfortunate state of affairs.

We also said that you might occasionally be able to beat the high prices.

You could wrestle vendors down on price, get a better trade-in on equipment
and use leasing to both cut outlays and increase immediate tax benefits.

So, what did the RP list tell us?

Well, we had a number of people get in touch to see if we had used SLA500s.
 Turns out we don't have any to spare. (Get in touch right away if you
have one you'd be willing to part with or that you plan to use as a
trade-in. Email or phone 513 751 7500.)

We were surprised by one thing. Nobody wrote in saying you could save
money by switching from one RP technology to another. We know you can do
this some of the time, but of course not all the time. Are RP people a
little too attached to what's familiar? Or maybe we underestimate how
tough it can be to substitute one platform for another.

Stay in touch if you think we can help. We'll try to answer, from our
independent viewpoint, any questions you have about financing RP equipment,
new or used. We might be able to help you save some money, but that will
depend on what you really need. At the very least, though, we think we can
make you a little savvier, a little more confident you've made the right

Thanks again for your enthusiasm. It's a big part of what makes the RP
business fun for me.

Charlie Norton
NCP Leasing, Inc.

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