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Ahhh! So that's how you've been getting people to buy licences! :-b
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><< I'm going to make a general point here which is directed at an
> high number of people / companies who blatantly use the rp-ml as a bill
> board. Where I come from these messages (I've seen two this week at
> might be called propaganda. They are certainly NOT news releases as news
> gathered by independent (we hope) journalists. They ARE press releases,
> as such are designed to convey a new development, process or service
> by a company. They are therefore very close, if not indistinguishable
> being adverts. Now I have no problem being informed of the latest and
> greatest technology / information systems in the world of RP, after all
> is why I subscribe to the rp-ml. What I do mind is the tone of this type
> message which both contain quotes from the people who send them (!!!!!!)
> pricing information. If the product or service is really worthy of
> investigation then all we have to do is hit the Reply button or pick up
> phone. It's that simple. There can be no justification for blatantly
> including costings in e-mails purporting to be informative. Of far more
> would be quotes from customers (well known if possible) who have used the
> service and can offer an end user perspective. There I've said my piece.
> Before I go I would make one further point. That is that this may just be
> cultural issue and that while this might be the norm in certain regions of
> the world others view it as totally unconstructive (want to guess what my
> interpretation is ? ). >>
>You make a very good point. I suggest that if anyone wants to blatently
>advertise they should at least be able to hide it into a seemingly
>constructive article. I have been experimenting with subliminal
>(BUY KELTOOL) which gives the readers constructive content (BUY KELTOOL)
>while unwittingly attracting them to (BUY KELTOOL) come to me like moths
>a light. I'm quite sure I will recieve many emails about this subject.
>Bob Morton
>Fusion Engineering
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