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Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 20:05:14 EEST

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For release on July 2, 1999

Sanders Design International announces its new Application Development
Operation focused in the area of CNC Quality Master Patterns from the
Sanders Rapid PatternMaker. The Rapid PatternMaker is capable of
producing patterns dimensionally accurate to within 0.001inches (25
microns) or 0.1% of the dimension within a build envelope of
12"x12"x12"with ultra smooth surface finishes (32 to 64 microinches).

Sanders Design is interested in producing complex patterns for customers

needing higher accuracy than normally found with other forms of Rapid
Prototyping and without the high cost of making conventional CNC tooling
. For more information please call Bob Fletcher @ (603)654-6100 Ext. 309

Sanders Design International, Inc.,
PO Box 550, Pine Valley Mill, Elm Street,
Wilton, NH 03086
Tel: 603-654-6100
Fax: 603-654-2586

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