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Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 01:13:09 EEST

HI - I am chairing The Studio at SIGGRAPH 99. It is being used in the
courses - I am not sure exactly which one - that not being my venue. But it
will also be in The Studio where you can sign up for a session. YOu can
visit the STudio web site at

        I am not sure about the contest. I believe they are also on the Exhibition
floor so they may be doing promos there.

        For the uninitiated - SIGGRAPH is the biggest COmputer Graphics show on
earth whcih includes a fairly respected technical papers and large
exhibition floor space - large enough that it takes more than a day to see
every thing. Go to the website for registration
details. This year about 50,000 people are expected.

        The Studio is a working lab and new this year. We will have both large
format 2D printers and a few 3D printers (check the web site for details).

        If any one has questions please feel free to contact me. If you are
visiting SIGGRAPH come stop by at the studio


Dr. Anshuman Razdan
Technical Director PRISM
MC 5106 Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-5106
Phone: (602) 965 5368
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I just received a postcard from SensAble about this software called
I went to their website and saw that it is a floating pen which allows one
model in a more natural way than traditional CAD. There are classes and a
contest being held at Siggraph but nowhere on the website or postcard does
say WHERE or what Siggraph is. I assume it is a tradeshow.

Can anyone let me in on the secret location?

Does anyone know how much this arm and software run? Has anyone used it for
modeling yet? Pros and cons?

Steve Pollack

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