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Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 02:11:31 EEST

Hi, Steve-

I'm Andrew Hally, FreeForm's product manager at SensAble Technologies.

To answer your question regarding FreeForm, it's a new product being
launched at Siggraph, so I doubt many on the list have had a chance to try
it yet. It's pretty neat stuff (of course, I might be biased!). The key is
that FreeForm lets you model using your sense of touch, which makes it much
more intuitive and expressive than CAD packages. Simply put, you can carve
"digital clay." The PHANTOM "arm" force-feedback lets you feel the
sculpting strokes and the model deforming as you work. A variety of digital
work aids let you mirror, copy/paste, work from the inside-out, smooth, etc.

We've had excellent initial success with partners/testers in the toy,
wearables, and animation industries, where people often need to create
models that are so detailed, organic, or expressive that only physical
modeling (clay/foam) was up to the task.

We'll have a class on using it in conjunction with RP technology to achieve
"3D desktop publishing." For info, see You can also
come by our booth or try it in Dr. Razdan's Studio (along with a bunch of
other cool things).

Feel free to email me for more info.

Hope to see you at Siggraph,

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I just received a postcard from SensAble about this software called
I went to their website and saw that it is a floating pen which allows one
model in a more natural way than traditional CAD. There are classes and a
contest being held at Siggraph but nowhere on the website or postcard does
say WHERE or what Siggraph is. I assume it is a tradeshow.

Can anyone let me in on the secret location?

Does anyone know how much this arm and software run? Has anyone used it for
modeling yet? Pros and cons?

Steve Pollack

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