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Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 10:48:32 EEST

Irene Quinlan wrote:
> SIGGRAPH is a conference and exhibition on computer graphics, sponsered
> by ACM SIGGRAPH (Special interest group on computer graphics). This
> year it's in Los Angeles, August 8-13. For more information, see
> And don't miss the film show!
> Irene Quinlan
> Sanders Prototype, Inc.

Hi everybody,

Since I'm not selling anything, or making a profit by this email, so, I
think I can make this announcement.

This year is the first year the Siggraph 99 Los Angeles,will have a
facility called the Studio. It will be roughly 100 workstations with all
the 2D and 3D computer graphic software you might want (probably no
"engineering" packages such as Pro E, hey maybe next year). There will
also be 13 large format printers and 6 rapid prototyping machines, from
3D Systems, Z corporation, Stratasys, and Sanders. Users will be able to
come into the studio, sign up for work sessions and output their designs
to 2D, 3D, and time based media. So, If you're coming to Siggraph, bring
your files and stop in and say hello.

Siggraph is the CG equivalent of Autofact. It is also an interesting
combination of an high level conference and a commercial venue. Great
papers and great booths.

At the same time, can you say "incredible exposure" for Rapid

Please visit the web site at

Hope to see you there!!

michael rees
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