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Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 15:03:45 EEST

At 2:27 AM -0600 1999/07/03, Michael Rees wrote:
>Hello list,
>does anyone have info about the following?
>Are their sign cutters that will take matt board? I'm exploring ways
>that a model can be sliced up and fit together with slot cuts. Any info,
>speculation, is welcome.
>michael rees
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I don't see how this could off-topic. Defining Rapid Prototyping as
generating a physical part from a CAD file, this seems to fall into the RP

In an earlier letter, I mentioned how I had some models that were
unbuildable. Actually, two of them did have solutions. In one, the only way
was to break the 3D solid model into pieces using CAD software, create RP
tools based on each seperate piece, shoot wax into the tools and then push
the resulting wax patterns together.

I've even created a couple of models by having my favorite CAD program
unfold the model, and then print the resulting pattern onto paper. A pair
of scissors, a few hours, and rather cramped hands later, I had a model
created out of paper.

Carpenters use tongue and groove joints to create furniture, why couldn't
we do that with a RP pattern?

The trick, Mike, is to get the pieces to align correctly. There are a
number of techniques to do this, you just have to use your imagination.
Though I guess I could say that you should consider the end use of the
pattern in determining the technique you use to connect the sections.

You know, it just occurred to me that using RP would be a terrific way to
create some of those wild 3D puzzles that companies make...

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