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Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 19:19:16 EEST

>Hi.....I am interested in building a 1:1 scale car body.
>Its the " missing link " as it was a prototype series of 30 that was
>destroyed in the late 1930s.
>I probably can get the cad file but need more info on how to proceeed.
>I was thinking of making a plywood model, sections every foot or so , then
>fill with foam and finish contouring. then fiberglass over the finished
>Would love to do the final body in metal , but here in California that
>be very expensive.
>Any suggestions or schools that would like to take on a project like this ?
>thanks for your help........Chris


We have used a water jet system designed by the University of Utah to RP
very large pieces in foam directly from the CAD (STL) data. We work in
1/4 inch "layers" and the system cuts on edge bevel which allows us to
have a very nice surface finish.

If you visit our web site you will be able to view a 20 foot statue that
was created in this manner. We have a video that shows the creation of
that model. It was finished beyond what you see on our web site (sealed,
hardcoated like a fiberglass, and painted gold). The foam statue is now
located at the Land of Medicine Buddhist center in California.

We are currently working on a different 12 foot statue. Please consider
this as an option. We originally quoted out the Buddha statue to have it
CNC machined. We were working from digitized data as no CAD file existed
for an original art piece, which was the basis for this statue. Anyway,
the CNC approach was too expensive for our clients given the detail that
they had to have and the geometric challenges of the original statue.

We will be presenting this project with the University of Utah at the
Solid Freeform Fabrication meeting coming up in Austin, Texas. I believe
our session is on August 9.

Alair Griffin

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