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William D. Richards wrote:
> At 2:27 AM -0600 1999/07/03, Michael Rees wrote:


Have you seen those little vinyl cutters? I'm pretty sure they'll take
matt board. This could make a fine little model for visual inspection
and with some additon of plaster, wax or other, could easily become a
suitable art model. This cuts out the scissors and the cramped hands.

check this site out:

best, Mike

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> Mike,
> I don't see how this could off-topic. Defining Rapid Prototyping as
> generating a physical part from a CAD file, this seems to fall into the RP
> category.
> In an earlier letter, I mentioned how I had some models that were
> unbuildable. Actually, two of them did have solutions. In one, the only way
> was to break the 3D solid model into pieces using CAD software, create RP
> tools based on each seperate piece, shoot wax into the tools and then push
> the resulting wax patterns together.
> I've even created a couple of models by having my favorite CAD program
> unfold the model, and then print the resulting pattern onto paper. A pair
> of scissors, a few hours, and rather cramped hands later, I had a model
> created out of paper.
> Carpenters use tongue and groove joints to create furniture, why couldn't
> we do that with a RP pattern?
> The trick, Mike, is to get the pieces to align correctly. There are a
> number of techniques to do this, you just have to use your imagination.
> Though I guess I could say that you should consider the end use of the
> pattern in determining the technique you use to connect the sections.
> You know, it just occurred to me that using RP would be a terrific way to
> create some of those wild 3D puzzles that companies make...
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