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Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 23:08:07 EEST

Ranji Vaidyanathan wrote:

> On a related note, we got word yesterday that Advanced Ceramics Research
(my company) won the R&D 100 award for 1999 for developing a water soluble
support material to be used in the Stratasys machines. Stratasys has bought
the license to this technology and they own the rights to the technology

Congratulations on this work! It sounds to me like a significant
development for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

> On another related note, University of Arizona and we collaborated on a
summer engineering academy, which is used as a recruitment tool for high
school seniors and juniors thinking about entering the engineering
profession. I am sure others might have done it too, but we got the high
school students to use CAD and design some electric car models, which we
then built for them on our FDM machine. The

This is great to hear! We don't do enough to encourage our youth to
consider careers in engineering and manufacturing. In fact, I doubt that
few high school graduates would consider manufacturing as an option. Most
think of smoke stacks and dirty factory jobs when they think of
manufacturing. We need to change that mindset and get them excited about
computer-driven processes such as CAD and RP. What you did with the
University of Arizona is a good example of what can and should be done.
Good work!


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