building full scale car body ???

From: Philippe Lalande (Philippe.Lalande@UMontreal.CA)
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 15:51:59 EEST

I realize I'm catching the tail end of this thread (sorry, I took the four
day weekend off), but there is a firm called Formus out of California that
specializes in the production of large scale parts or tools directly (or
almost) from CAD files. They use a process called Topographic Shell
Fabrication which involves selectively injecting wax into a large sandbox,
layer by layer, until the desired shape is complete. The agglomerated sand
is then hand finished and used as a pattern to mould the part or the tool
out of composite material. Looks interesting but I have no direct
experience of working with them.

Check out their WEB site at

Philippe Lalande
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>Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 07:09:04 EDT
>Subject: building full scale car body ???
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>Hi.....I am interested in building a 1:1 scale car body.
>Its the " missing link " as it was a prototype series of 30 that was
>destroyed in the late 1930s.
>I probably can get the cad file but need more info on how to proceeed.
>I was thinking of making a plywood model, sections every foot or so , then
>fill with foam and finish contouring. then fiberglass over the finished plug.
>Would love to do the final body in metal , but here in California that would
>be very expensive.
>Any suggestions or schools that would like to take on a project like this ?
>thanks for your help........Chris
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