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Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 15:46:21 EEST

Jim and List, ideally you want a cross between a CMM and a scanner. CMM's are
great for measuring features and scanners for collecting surface data. We use
our Digibot for getting surface data for irregular or organic shaped objects for
reverse engineering. We often get clay/cardboard/styrofoam/?? models that we
need to get into solids and use the scanner to get surface data. We then take
strategic cross sectional data to cleanup and use for creating the solid. For
regular prismatic/cylindrical parts, the CMM can be more effective. There is an
interesting description of a laser based portable CMM in the July 1999
Manufacturing Engineering magazine Tech Front section, page 32. It is made by a
company called SMX Corp in Kennett Square, PA. Have not been able to find a web
page on them yet, but the technology looks interesting.

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