Re: stl files needed

From: Paul Burr (
Date: Thu Jul 08 1999 - 01:14:06 EEST

>Does anyone have any STL files of jewelry etc? I liked my castle ear rings
>so much I would like some jewelry made on all RP systems. Know anyone
>using gold or silver in an RP machine?

Elaine: I probably have over 500 jewelry designs done in JewelCad. But,
unfortunately for you, they all belong to my employer! The designs are
output onto our Sanders MM6 and a lost wax casting of the Sanders RP model
produces a master model in either brass or white metal. This master is
cleaned and polished by our model making dept. The master is then used to
build the production parts. We deal mostly in base metal costume jewelry
(Giovanni Jewelry), but we're tied in with another company (Deltah/Imperial
Pearl) that produces fine 14k and pearl jewelry.
Since you work at a major university, why not find out if the Art Dept. has
a jewelry design or fine arts casting program. They'd have all the small
tools to polish and finish the master part made from your RP item. Once
you have a good clean master model, you can cast it in gold or silver.
BTW, I typically scale up the master model 10-15% larger to allow for
shrinkage in the production process.

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