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Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 16:51:56 EEST

 If you have an interest in RP in Scandinavia I'm hoping eventually the parts
your building will need to be built into molds ( I assume). My company Fusion
Engineering has 5 plants in Sweden our closest facilities to you would be
either in Malmo or Gothemberg. They can build you 3D Keltool (rapid tooling)
or conventional molds your choice. We have some of the finest moldmaking
facilities in the world. I'm sure you have heard of Keltool as pretty much
everyone else has. Since 3D Systems (and us) has aquired the process it has
been improved significantly. We are able to produce much more accurate and
complex work than we ever dreamed was possible. 3D Systems has put more R&D
into the process in the last couple years than all of the previous 18 or so
years combined. By making a strategic decision to license the process to well
established moldmakers around the world, the process is truly a viable method
of making prototype (bridge) and production tooling. This is not hype and I'm
not trying to just insert a cheap plug for my company (I don't need to ). I
feel 3D Keltool has a bad reputation out there possibly from people who had
tried it in the past and discounted it or compare it to similar processes.
The 3D Keltool of today cannot be compared to anything from the past and
should be judged on its own merits. If you check out our website
( you can see some fine examples of really nice molds built
with this process. As I said earlier this is not intended to be a plug. I am
just trying to "right a wrong" and that is what I assume the RP-ML is all
about (knowledge). Anyway back to the subject at hand. When you get ready for
tooling you can contact me directly at ( and I can get
you in contact with our Swedish divisions or contact the Swedish divisions
directly through ( Sorry to bend your ear Jacob a
little off your original inquiry, but not too far I hope.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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