Large Scale Reverse Engineering Question

From: Matt Przybylski (
Date: Fri Jul 09 1999 - 09:15:55 EEST

Hi all,
I work for a 3d measurement/fabrication company in Seattle, WA. We currently use Leica Laser Trackers and Theodolites for 3d inspection and fabrication. We can inspect and build to fairly close tolerances in envelopes up to 100 ft.

Anyways, we areslowly starting to shift some of our resources towards reverse engineering. This is a new process for us and is proving to be quite a learning experience.

There are a few questions that I have and I hope that I can get some good answers from this list.

Bear in mind that our laser trackers can collect up to 1000 points per second and collect them in sorted or point cloud arrangements. The main downfall is that for the most part most of our measurements have a .250 to .750 offset (this makes for complex surfaces when we offsets the surfaces to compensate for the target offset.).

Anyways, the questions are:
1. Is there a very much of a market for this kind of service?

2. What industries would we find the most work in? (we do alot of aerospace work)
3. What are some of the better CAD/Point Cloud software packages? (currently we use Mastercam, Rhino3d, and Catia)
4. What are some additional measurement devices we might look into? (we are looking at Faro Arms, Metricvision, and Metronor to name a few.)

Thanks in advance for any help,
Matt Przybylski

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