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Date: Sat Jul 10 1999 - 04:06:23 EEST

You wrote....................
>to pop the marriage question with a RP prototype ring.
>That way you get the caring part of actually having begun the design
>without assuming that you know exactly what she would want for the rest of
her life....

If she is the right person she knows the ring actually means little in a
marriage proposal. Its the person and their intentions that are most
important. If you design the ring to "save money" and you show 'stingy"
traits everyday then expect a NO. If you do things everyday to show her
she is special and the ring is just another sign then expect a YES.

It's funny to watch the comments made to my questions. Some people think I
am too lazy to design my own stuff....some think I want to sponge off
others, some think I want too much...some think I am a bore.... but............

don't we all want to be able to make things that mean something to us
personally or is RP&M doomed to be just a business tool? For many years I
have said all I want to do is make "grandkids". I want them in silver,
pewter, gold...and want them as earrings, charms, pendants, or even as a 3d
relief to hang instead of a picture. Also I want to be able to make copies
of my pets even my horse whom I love dearly.

If you want make a RP ring go far it...then for the wedding day after she
has debugged it ... have it turned into a beautiful wedding ring that she
alone will own and adore. The ring will be the first of many projects
you'll design together......

Ain't love grand?


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