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I'm quite impressed that you remembered that!
Yes, it is true that my wife and I were married with SLA rings. Funny
enough, it has become one of those stories that we often tell when people
ask about our engagement. The story goes like this:

     Shayne (my wife) and I were taking a trip to South Africa, where she
grew up. Her grandparents have a large farm, and on the farm is a particular
mountain. Shayne often mentioned that the mountain was one of those special
places on the earth. The plan was for us to hike the mountain and have
lunch, at which time I would pop "the question". So, I created a ProE design
of a ring design that I thought she would like, based on various comments,
and brought the SLA on the hike.
     Well, she said yes, and we broke off a small piece of the rock at the
summit where we ate lunch. I brought the stone back home, cut it down, and
secured it in the ring. When we got married, I also made a ring for myself
using SLA.
     We wore the rings for several weeks and then moved to the durability of
gold. Each year on our anniversary, we bring out the SLA rings and wear them
for the day. We figure they should hold up for quite a while that way. This
October will be the 4th year that we bring out the rings!
It is kind of funny the reaction we get from people when telling the story.
Some "get it", and others just look at what it cost to produce that
particular ring, and miss the whole point. If Shayne wasn't someone that I
thought would "Appreciate" the meaning of this, I don't think we'd have
gotten married. I think it all depends upon whether it is viewed as a symbol
or an object.
     There is an interesting correllary to this story in Ayn Rand's "Atlas
Shrugged", which I read last year. One of the main characters (Hank Rearden)
invented a new metal that took years to develop. During the first "pour" of
this new alloy, Hank took a small sample and fashioned it into a relatively
crude bracelet. It was symbolic of all his efforts and he couldn't wait to
present it to his wife. I won't spoil it any more for those who haven't read
the story.




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> I'm not sure I'm the "Steve" you are referring to, but Derek
> Smith from
> Motorola has already done this.....he got married with SL rings! He
> mentioned this in his 1996 presentation at the 3DSNASUG.
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> So while we are on the ring question.... It is something I have been
> pondering a lot recently for personal reasons.
> Big question, in this age is it
> a) tacky
> b) nerdy
> c) caring and demostrative of intelectual forethought
> to pop the marriage question with a RP prototype ring.
> That way you get the caring part of actually having begun the design
> without assuming that you know exactly what she would want
> for the rest
> of her life....
> jump on in here Elaine, Steve.. Please..
> Charles
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