Re: Keltool alternatives?

From: Ross Gates (
Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 17:49:45 EEST

Dr. Martin:

There is a company in the USA that provides a service of sintering
molds, like Keltool; however they can pour molds much bigger than the 8
inch maximum of Keltool and they can provide about 13 different
material. The mold size they can do is limited to the weight of the
material they can pour in one batch. I believe it is about 2,000 lbs.
So, they can build a mold set of about 4,000 lbs max. They use
materials; such as P-20, H-13, 304 Stainless, A-6 Steel and others. I
happened to see a mold they built for a farm tractor tire. It consisted
of about 12 segments for a diameter of about 10 feet. They are known for
doing molds for golf grips and steering wheels. They don't have a web
site, but their e-mail address is Address is Sarcol
Inc. 3050 Taylor St., Chicago, IL 60612.
(773) 533-3000. Contact is Bob Kloskowski

Ross Gates
Select Mfg. Services Inc.

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