Re: macros for RP magics or SolidView

Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 10:21:03 EEST

Hi Elen,
I don't think you're able to write a macro to open multiple files in Magics
RP. I'd go with holding down the SHIFT button and selecting all the files
with the mouse.
A question....can your computer handle opening such a large quantity of
files at one single time (Order of thousands!!)? The one that i'm using here
takes forever to load more than 20 files at a time, depending on the size of
the file. I tried loading an entire car bumper CAD file in Magics once, and
spent more than half the working time waiting for the display to refresh!!
That was terribly tedious and time-wasting. Now, i try to load fewer files
at a time and modify them appropriately before loading the rest...It takes
longer, but you don't stare at a blank screen and wait forever for something
to happen....
Anyway, hope that you'll find a better solution.

Raymond Tan,
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Center,
Research & Development Department,
Shah Alam, Malaysia.

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> Subject: macros for RP magics or SolidView
> Hi
> i'm doing research in RP, but have encountered a problem with the RP
> software... i'm trying to load/open a large number of files
> (something of
> the order of thousands) in either RP magics or SolidView, and was
> wondering if there is an automated way to do that other than having to
> manually open each file. I've written small scripts for
> AutoCAD before
> and was wondering if either rp software supports a programming/macro
> interface and if so how do i use it (and what language -- for
> the script)
> thanks
> elen

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