3D digitizers

From: Chan Lea (chanl@msoe.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 23:57:22 EEST

I am working with the Milwaukee School of Engineering, and I would like to
use a 3D digitizer to take images of a patient's knee and/or ankle at
different fixed positions. My difficulty right now is finding a company
willing to help. I would love to find a company somewhere in the
Milwaukee area, but I am willing to travel.

I also have two limitations. One is time; I will need to have these
pictures taken sometime in the next two or three weeks. My other
limitation is money. My grant does not allow me to spend a great deal,
but this university does run a Rapid Prototyping Consortium, and several
companies are interested in 3d digitizers.

Does anyone know of any company that will be willing to help?

Thank you very much,
Lea chan

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