New Conference at EuroMold '99

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Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 17:36:51 EEST


EuroMold '99 to Feature Conference on
Rapid Tooling's Benefits & Risks

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, July 14, 1999 - For manufacturing companies
worldwide, EuroMold has become the event to attend. It's depth and breadth
in moldmaking technologies and applications offer a showcase like no other.
An estimated 50,000 individuals from around the world are expected to
attend the EuroMold '99 trade fair, scheduled for December 1-4 in
Frankfurt, Germany. More than 1,500 exhibitors from 38 countries will
display their products and services.

For the first time, a conference on rapid tooling (RT) is being positioned
to compliment and enhance the EuroMold experience. The conference, titled
"Rapid Tooling's Strategic Benefits & Risks," will be held December 3, 1999
at EuroMold. The high profile event will uncover the hottest methods and
applications of RT. It is being targeted at top managers and executives
from manufacturers of consumer electronics, sporting goods, toys, medical
supplies and instruments, industrial machinery, business machines,
aircraft, and automobiles. Attendees will learn what RT options are
available; why some methods are being used and others are not; when it
makes sense to apply one RT method over another; and when conventional
approaches offer an advantage over RT.

The conference will discuss and compare indirect, pattern-based methods of
rapid tooling including RTV silicone rubber, aluminum-filled epoxy, spray
metal tooling, Ford's Sprayform, cast kirksite, 3D Keltool, PolySteel,
ECOTOOL, ExpressTool, RSP tooling, CEMCOM, PHAST, and Swiftool. The event
will also cover direct methods of RT fabrication including Direct AIM from
3D Systems, SLS RapidTool from DTM, DMLS from EOS, ProMetal from
ExtrudeHone, and LENS from Optomec.

World-class speakers and panelists will provide candid and up-to-date
information on the benefits and risks associated with RT. These carefully
selected individuals will share their personal experiences and advice based
on years of experience and know-how. Never before has such an impressive
group of speakers gathered to address RT in a way that will help managers
understand and sort through the myriad of options. This conference will
help managers decide whether to use rapid tooling as a strategic weapon to
design, prototype, and manufacture world-class products.

Members of the Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations (GARPA)
are serving as the technical advisory committee for the conference. GARPA
members include groups and associations from Australia, Canada, mainland
China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan,
South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States. The official
language of the conference is English.

DEMAT Exhibition Management, located in Frankfurt, Germany, is the
organizer of EuroMold '99 and Rapid Tooling's Strategic Benefits & Risks.
For more information on the trade fair and conference, phone 49 69 23 43
31, fax 49 69 25 30 71, or visit

Wohlers Associates, Inc. provides technical, marketing, and strategic
consulting on new developments and trends in product development,
prototyping, tooling, and reverse engineering. Terry Wohlers, co-founder of
GARPA and president of Wohlers Associates, is chairing the upcoming
conference. For more information on Wohlers Associates, visit

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