Opportunites to interact with and learn from leaders in the plastic industry

From: Marina Shara (sharmar@sme.org)
Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 21:06:15 EEST

If you are interested in attending program that will allow you to
interact with leaders in the industry that you don't want to miss these
three events:

Testing and Evaluation of Plastics: Technical Seminar and Hands-on
Plastic Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
September 23-24, 1999

Program Objective:
This program is designed to be interact and emphasizes a proactive,
hands-on approach to plastic testing and evaluation. by attending this
event, you will meet with a collective of applications and technology
experts. this multi-speaker seminar will enhance your learning
experience with a hands-on workshop held on-site at Plastics Technology
Laboratories, Inc. (PTLI).

Course Benefits:
* Understand the basic principles, techniques and equipment for the most
commonly used tests in plastics
* Participate in a hands- workshop at one the industry's leading plastic
testing labs.
* hear from a number of industry experts - such as, Dr. Howard Jordi, Dr
Pravin Shah, Robert Spears, Dr. mike Ezrin and R. James Galipeau
* Gain critical knowledge of recent technology and equipment
* Take and in-depth look at testing for failure analysis, utilizing
actual case histories
* use testing programs to validate plastic choices for specific

Fundamentals of Vinyl Extrusion
October 25, 1999
Vinyl Extrusion Technology & Applications
October 26-27, 1999
Fairfield, New Jersey

Enjoy a vendor tabletop reception featuring top suppliers in the vinyl
extrusion industry on October 26, 1999

Course Benefits
This is a very practical 1-day course with numerous case histories to
understand PVC melt flow behavior using torque and capillary rheometry
systems. New techniques are presented to characterize PVC compounds and
its application in extrusion is shown. PVC extrusion fundamentals are
covered in a very simplified way to allow foreman and process engineers
get a clear view of what happens to rigid and flexible PVC during
extrusion process. Practical case histories are presented on blending,
compounding and profile, tubing and sheet extrusion technology is
covered in great detail

Clinic Goal
This clinic is design to help processors and compounders improve their
operations. The two-day multi-speaker seminar focuses on the newest
technology, materials, processing trends and applications, all designed
to help you improve your business. Where else can you find expert
speaking staff gathered in one place, ready to answer your questions
about your operations.

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