RE: Direct Sintering of Metals and Site requirements.

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Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 20:11:10 EEST

You should contact DTM directly. They have a wealth of information
about site preparation and equipment required to process powder metal.
Users may have local ordinance and facility prep issues not necessarily
germane to your location.

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I would be obliged if some of the users of RP sintering machines would
give give me a
breakdown of the issues/equipment required in preparing the site for
installing these machines

We are looking at direct sintering of metals using either DTM or EOS
systems .

We do have an idea of what is required from the local distributor . But
would like to know from the users
some of their experiences and the kind of associated equipment that are
really required .

A rough estimate of the cost would also help

S. Narayanamurthy

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