Fw: Actify releases 3D View 3.5. View Solid Edge, IGES 2D/3D, Catia, DWG/DXF Parasolid, VRML, STL, Solid Work

From: Vern Carter (vern@3dresource.com)
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 00:13:17 EEST

Thought this would be of interest to some of us.

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Date: Tuesday, July 20, 1999 2:16 AM
Subject: ADV: Actify releases 3D View 3.5. View Solid Edge, IGES 2D/3D, Catia, DWG/DXF Parasolid, VRML, STL, Solid Work

New Release: Actify's 3D CAD/CAM viewer for Windows NT/95/98.
3D View 3.5 supports:
     IGES 2D/3D,
     Solid Edge *** New
     Parasolid (UG),
     Mechanical Desktop,
     VRML 1.0/2.0
     3DStudio and
     ISO G-Code

CAD-users can share 3D models with NON-Cad users.

Actify's 3D View 3.5 enables viewing, measurement and markup
where no CAD system, no server and no translation is required.
3D View is a very useful tool for anyone that needs to
visualize, measure and markup 3D CAD/CAM models without
being required to have access to or know how to use a
full featured CAD/CAM system. It makes it easy for a
designer to share their work with many non-CAD
users (customers, suppliers, managers, sales marketing
and other engineers.

Try before you buy. A full featured trial is available at:

Details about 3D View 3.5 follow.

kind regards,
Mike Burton
Actify, Inc.

3D View 3.5 Features include:
 + Support of multiple file formats (IGES 2D/3D, CATIA, SolidWorks98+,
     STL, Autodesk DWG, SAT, Parasolid, VDA-FS, ISO G-Code, 3DStudio
     and VRML1.0/2.0)
 + real-time rotation, pan, zoom
 + Large assembly navigation
 + Accurate measurement: volume, surface, distance, radii and angles.
 + Multiple rendering options: smooth and flat shading, wire-frame, hidden
     lines and transparency modes.
 + View multiple models together - mix file formats, (e.g., IGES & G-Code)
 + Multimedia model markup (e.g., annotates with text and web links)
 + Excellent performance on low-end PC workstations. Benefit from
     OpenGL accelerated hardware.
 + Real-time cross-sectioning
 + Secure model exchange (via email - password protected)
 + Multiple user activity tracking.
 + Small file format.
 + Easy 3D model exchange via email and file attachments
 + The ability to embed 3D models in office documents (Word,
      PowerPoint, ...)
 + Web Enabled - Export VRML models. Add web link annotations.
      View help from web browser.
 + Exports VRML (can post 3D Models (e.g., STL, IGES,...) on the web.
 + Affordable - $160 include IGES, STL, VDA, VRML and ISO G-Code
 + Easy to use - very intuitive
 + No CAD system, No server and no translation required.
 + Try before you buy. Download now: http://www.actify.com
 + And more .... visit
 + Pricing is as follows:
   Core View: $140. Includes: IGES 2D/3D, STL, VDA-FS,
                          VRML 1.0/2.0, G-Code, 3DStudio
     $160 - after August 1st.

     Mechanical Desktop + $100 (inlucdes DWG/DXF, MDT,ADT,SAT)
     SolidWorks Import: + $50
     Solid Edge Import + $65
     Parasolid Import: + $100
     CATIA Import: + $355

Typical Usage:
 + Share prototype models with colleagues, customers and suppliers for
     quick feedback.
 + Save CAD/CAM data in VRML format to be posted on the World Wide Web.
 + Visualize STL/IGES/VDA-FS/SolidWorks parts and ISO G-Code tool
      paths together before actually machining the part.
 + Take 3D models on the road (via a laptop)
 + Connect to PDM/EDM system

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