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Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 19:51:27 EEST

You might want to contact LaserCAMM, they can take your solid model file and
"egg crate" it into slot together panels at any scale.
Check them out at:
Richard Coleman

lonepeak wrote:

> >Hi.....I am interested in building a 1:1 scale car body.
> >Its the " missing link " as it was a prototype series of 30 that was
> >destroyed in the late 1930s.
> >I probably can get the cad file but need more info on how to proceeed.
> >
> >I was thinking of making a plywood model, sections every foot or so , then
> >fill with foam and finish contouring. then fiberglass over the finished
> plug.
> >
> >Would love to do the final body in metal , but here in California that
> would
> >be very expensive.
> >
> >Any suggestions or schools that would like to take on a project like this ?
> >
> >thanks for your help........Chris
> Chris
> We have used a water jet system designed by the University of Utah to RP
> very large pieces in foam directly from the CAD (STL) data. We work in
> 1/4 inch "layers" and the system cuts on edge bevel which allows us to
> have a very nice surface finish.
> If you visit our web site you will be able to view a 20 foot statue that
> was created in this manner. We have a video that shows the creation of
> that model. It was finished beyond what you see on our web site (sealed,
> hardcoated like a fiberglass, and painted gold). The foam statue is now
> located at the Land of Medicine Buddhist center in California.
> We are currently working on a different 12 foot statue. Please consider
> this as an option. We originally quoted out the Buddha statue to have it
> CNC machined. We were working from digitized data as no CAD file existed
> for an original art piece, which was the basis for this statue. Anyway,
> the CNC approach was too expensive for our clients given the detail that
> they had to have and the geometric challenges of the original statue.
> We will be presenting this project with the University of Utah at the
> Solid Freeform Fabrication meeting coming up in Austin, Texas. I believe
> our session is on August 9.
> Alair Griffin
> Javelin
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