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There are quite a few conversion software that will convert polygonal
the two known products are interchange from Viewpoint Digital and Polytrans

Going from tesselated data to CAD solids or b-rep NURBS is much more
because it is no longer format translation, it really gets into different
There are two companies currently provide technology to covert tesselated
to NURBS (CAD) models.

geomagic Shape from Raindrop Geomagic, Inc.
parasurf from Paraform.

We've been working on the problem of translating tesselated data into NURBS
automatically. For reference models in EDM/PDM, the translation between
model and NURBS model is relatively easy. But to obtain a CAD solid with
is not possible. Maybe someone else can contribute new ideas here.


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> Subject: Formats for tesselated data
> The use of tesselated data for different applications is rapidly
> increasing.
> So, there are different file formats for different applications.
> STL for RP
> OpenInventor for Visualiziation
> VRML for Internet
> etc.
> One disadvantage is that the tesselation is typically done
> separat for every
> application.
> Is there any experience in storing tesselated data in EDM/PDM systems
> parallel to CAD data?
> Are there any tools to convert the data between the formats. I
> would prefer
> macros, without download of the data into a visualization system
> like CAD.
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