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Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 21:13:37 EEST

Global Manufacturing Solutions, Inc
Press Release
Global Manufacturing Solutions
720 Mound Rd Building 3
Miamisburg, Ohio 45343


Miamisburg, Ohio, 9/4/1998 - Global Manufacturing Solutions, located in
the Mound Advanced Technology Center, has created new applications and
capabilities for STYROFOAMtm . Global offers high tolerance rapid
prototyping for lost foam metal casting patterns +/- 0.005 in. These
patterns can be used for investment and lost foam sand casting. The
patterns are also used for display prototypes for rotational moldings
and the casting of molds themselves. The prototypes are reasonably
priced, depending on the detail and type of foam used, and less
expensive than other approaches used for prototyping. We can apply
coatings and color for a more realistic look to the model. Each
prototype is designed and modeled first using SolidWorks 98tm, a 3
dimensional CAD solid Modeling system, for viewing and styling. The 3
dimensional models can be sent via internet e-mail along with the
viewer. All our scrap STYROFOAMtm is recycled into packaging peanuts.

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