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This might be of interest to the "non-standard" rapid prototyping community:
BW0216 JUL 23,1999 8:13 PACIFIC 11:13 EASTERN
( BW)(WA-PROCUREQUEST.COM) ProcureQuest Launches Business-to-Business Online
Procurement Service
Business Editors
SEATTLE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul 23, 1999--, Inc.
announced today the launch of its online procurement service which assists
businesses in the procurement of non-standard products and services.
This e-commerce service benefits both buyers and suppliers: buyers can post
Request for Quotes (RFQ's) on the site and the appropriate suppliers receive
automatic notifications of these RFQ's via their e-mail.
While there are numerous Internet sites that offer the procurement of
standard, cataloged items, until now there was no service designed
specifically for businesses that require unique or non-standard goods or
services. provides the perfect solution for companies in
need of suppliers who can provide, for example, machined metal parts or
offers CAD services - items not typically found in a catalog. Conversely,
suppliers have the opportunity to reach their targeted customers without
investing a great deal in marketing. essentially acts as a
broker between buyers and suppliers by matching requests for specific
products and services.
Buyers posting an RFQ can attach text files, spreadsheets, PDF's, CAD files
or any other documents required to fully describe the item or service
desired. If a company is in need of finding alternative suppliers, they
would use to seek preliminary quotes during the product
development phase or send quotes to existing suppliers. For suppliers, on
the other hand, using is like having a sales and marketing
team with contacts to thousands of potential buyers. Upon receiving an
e-mail notification from a buyer, the supplier can review the complete RFQ
and respond directly to the buyer.
C.J. Grant, President of, Inc., says, "This is a powerful
purchasing and marketing tool for today's businesses. It is an innovative
tool for businesses engaged in buying or supplying products or services that
they just won't find in a catalog. This service saves buyers countless hours
of searching for new suppliers and sending out RFQ's to existing suppliers.
We provide a powerful forum for buyers to get the RFQ's they need from the
suppliers with whom they want to do business. Simply put,
is a win-win solution for business to business procurement challenges."
For more information, visit the ProcureQuest web site at

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