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Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 10:17:42 EEST

hi there folks,

to each its Best.....Reverse Engineering is more than software.....should
look at the people whom sell you the software too.

right now, i am training folks that have bought Surfacer from an
irresponsible supplier whom cannot support and neither train them.....hence
now they(my trainee company) must fork out extra cash to learn from me.

so, don't just look at the software capabilities.....look DEEPER!!!

joseph sim

From: Chris Lawrie <>
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Subject: Reverse Engineering made easy
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 11:35 PM

Hello All

Read carefully all those interested in removing the pain associated with
RE. I believe that I have found the long awaited solution toolkit (and I
emphasise the word solution).

I apologise in advance for my ramblings but I am very excited about what
this suite of tools is going to enable me to do.

Delcam Plc, a CAD CAM software vendor well known within the tooling market
place, kindly invited me to their recent international sales partner
event. This gave me the opportunity to view all of their products with
respect to RE.
They have a suite of tools called the Power Solution which embraces the
power of OLE and Visual Basic. The result is a set of tools which I believe
can solve all RE avenues.

CopyCAD is their front end tool which will read and handle all types of
point cloud data whether it be unordered, scanline or structured grid data.
It even has different algorithms (for triangulation etc) to maximise upon
the information held within the different types of data.
The triangulation (polygonisation) algorithms are in my opinion only
paralleled by that available within Polyworks.

The process of fitting accurate surface patches is quick, simple, and
interactive (I know it's hard to believe). In fact we managed to fit
surfaces to my benchmark data set in minutes!! It even generated the error
maps (points to surface) automatically.

The one feature that I have not seen in any other RE products is that of
wrapping 3D decoration and textures onto surface geometry. Wrap, a module
within CopyCAD, allowed them to add a complex 3d logo to the multi-curved
surface we created. The result was exported as a water tight STL model (for
RP or high speed milling).
They also have a module called TriFIX in CopyCAD which cleans up the model
ready for RP. I am told that this tool on it's own is used by the RP&T
centre at Warwick University (the largest in Europe).

The OLE link means that surfaces generated in CopyCAD can be pushed
directly into their hybrid modelling package called PowerSHAPE. The

For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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