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Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 22:33:07 EEST


Given the dimensions and wall thickness you described for your part you may
be able to receive a little better quote from a service bureau using a SLA
5000. To my knowledge, no service bureau has as yet taken delivery on an
SLA 7000. Our company partners with 3D Systems and our SLA 7000 is
scheduled to go on line by the end of September. We are not a service
bureau, however, and would not be able to bid on your request directly. We
offer the first fractional ownership program for RP. One of our clients
that is in the service bureau arena may be able to serve your needs. On
average, parts produced using the SLA 7000 are about 40% less than parts
produced using an earlier generation SLA, including the 5000. I hope you
find this information useful.

Ron Jones
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Subject: Large SLA pricing.

>I have a model of a large enclosure (12.5 X 20.5 X 11.5) with a 1/8" wall
>and low detail that I would like build as a single piece. I have a couple
>of quotes from vendors using 500's. I was wondering if finding a vendor
>with a 5000 or 7000 would get me a better quote, or if those machines are
>better utilized building many small models.
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