Reverse Engineering made easy

Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 00:42:53 EEST

>Read carefully all those interested in removing the pain associated with
RE. I believe that I have found the long awaited solution toolkit (and I
>emphasise the word solution).

>I apologise in advance for my ramblings but I am very excited about what
this suite of tools is going to enable me to do.

>Delcam Plc,

Don't you mean CopyCAD is our front end tool, seeing as you are the product
marketing manager for it within Delcam. Nice subtle bit of advertising -
well nearly!
For wrapping logo's, photo's, textures etc you should also consider Type3
from Vision Numeric.
Best Regards

John Wright
Response Associates Ltd.
Tel 44 1747 841475
Fax 44 1747 841476


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