Re: Feedback on SLS Windows NT Software by DTM

From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 17:18:12 EEST

Bottom Line: Upgrade now or upgrade later, because the UNIX system will no
longer be supported and I never heard of a hard drive lasting forever.

*Upgrade path - You are no longer restricted to DTM computers and operating
systems. You can upgrade components on the computer and even the computer
itself without a huge fear of affecting compatability. You also have
product support with NT through Microsoft (tongue placed firmly in cheek).
*Speed - Build save time and slicing time is much, much faster.
*File Size - STL files can now be huge and not bog down the system.

*Slicer - There are some bugs in the current slicer (which I think is being
EC'd as we speak). The scanner can receive an error and just skip a
complete layer. Therefore, you sometimes end up with two parts for the
price of one (due to a little delamination problem).
*Peer-to-Peer Networking - (Not a big deal) - They are using 2 network cards
on the 2500. The drivers were not loaded 100% error free and some of the NT
services don't run properly. Therefore, in our case, you can see other
computers on the network, but the network cannot see the Sinterstation

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Subject: Feedback on SLS Windows NT Software by DTM

>Greetings RPML,
>I am interested in receiving some feedback from users of the new SLS
>NT software offered by DTM. Particularly from those individuals that had
>new software installed on the Sinterstation 2000. Please inform me of any
>information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the software. Any
>information will help out tremendously.
>Thank you in advance,
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