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Dear All

Surely this does not apply to all CNC machines. May I suggest that if
contributors are going to post this type of information on the list that
they qualify it with the make and model of the machine.

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Subject: Y2K Failure In CNC Process

>Equipment Type PLC
> Industry Sector Manufacturing
> PC or Computer based No
> System Age Unknown
> Application
> CNC Milling Machine.
> The system is used to manufacture aircraft parts and is
>controlled by PLCs.
> Description of the Problem
> - At the 31/12/1999-1/1/2000 transition, the PLC's BIOS
>resets from 31/12/99 to 4/1/1980;
> - NC program data with the current date (1/1/2000) is then
>downloaded from the DNC
> network;
> - There will now be a date conflict between the downloaded
>NC data and the internal date.
> How was it Identified
> Information from supplier states that current 'x' series
>PLC and operating system software
> are BOTH non-compliant.
> Analysis and rollover testing confirmed the non-compliance
>of these PLC and this version of
> the operating software.
> What was the Solution
> Upgrade of operating system in 3 stages.
> Consequences for the SYSTEM Erroneous Result
> Consequences of failure to the BUSINESS
> Confusion over NC files which are downloaded over the site
>network due to date
> discrepancies.
> There are three of these machines dedicated to the same
>task, all are identical and
> therefore consequence of failure is increased threefold. As
>far as known, these are the only
> machines available to manufacture the above aircraft parts
>to the proven method at this site.
>For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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